The connection with our Ashiatsu, Shōgun and Sengoku Era!?

Japanese historical drama Shogun produced by Hiroyuki Sanada is making history right now!
There is a proof. At streaming ranking, Shogun streamed in Disney + or hulu became the most viewed streaming program including other streaming platform like netflix or apple TV. 

 This story is set in Japanese Sengoku Era.
 Actually our massage technique, Ashiatsu(良知流足圧術)is passed down from this era. 

In general, each Samurai family had their own martial arts, one is created to kill others at war, the other is created to cure someone who is injured at war. Our ashiatsu is derived from martial arts of one of the most powerful samurai family at Sengoku era, Imagawa family(今川家).

If you love Japanese culture or history, stop by our therapy salon at Meguro in Tokyo, and have a great experience with Japanese traditional Ashiatsu!

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